We’re an indie games company made up of 5 students looking to make fun and successful games. So far We’ve made one android game (BirdStrike) and have another that we’re actively working on (a dual-stick shooter called “Planetary Frontier”) with others that are partly made but put on the backburner for whatever reason. If you want to contact us in private check out the contact page or if you want to see the games we’ve made then check out the games page. We’ll be posting constant updates on our facebook page.



Birdstrike is an arcade/mobile game where you control a bird flying down a highway. You have to hit cars and people with your poop while dodging Eagles and power lines to get coins.

It is Being developed by Jamie Williams (Programming) and Jacob Moon (Art) as well as QA from Tyler Thompson.

Planetary Frontier

A dual-stick shooter set in outer space, more details will be released when we feel the time is right.

It is being developed by Jamie Williams (Programming) and Jacob Moon (Pixel Art)



Rush is a text based cyberpunk adventure game set in a city at war between the ruling corporations.

It will use the storynexus platform by FailBetter games (Creators of Fallen London, Sunless Seas and Dragon Age: The Last Court among other things)

Game design by Jacob Moon. Writing by Alex Morton and John Henry with Jacob Moon supporting.


Questions? Suggestions? Bug reports? Or do you just want to comment on something? You’re very welcome to send us an email at info@spiritshock.net. You can also like our Facebook page to keep up with any updates or message us. We also have a YouTube page that we will be posting videos on.


Jamie Williams
Chief Senior Ultra Developer To The Max, Code Chef, Game designer.
Alex Morton
Writing, Voice Acting, and Occult Supervisor
Jacob Moon
Artist, Game designer.
Tyler Thompson
Code Chef, Game designer.

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